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  • a group of people living Burton Joyce in Nottinghamshire, in the UK, and the surrounding area 
  • We are an affiliated Friends of the Earth* Climate Action Group

  * See these Friends of the Earth documents:

A Green & Fair Recovery 
Climate Action Groups
How Climate Friendly Is Your Community


Our constitution 

Constitution of:

Burton Joyce Climate Action and Biodiversity Group

Adopted on: 18th October 2021


Name and Objectives 

1.     The name of the group shall be Burton Joyce Climate Action and Biodiversity Group             

2.   The group shall work within the following geographical area:

Burton Joyce, local villages and Gedling Borough.                    

3.   The aims of the group are: 

To raise awareness in our local community about climate change and encourage involvement of the community to tackle climate change.

To work with communities to manage their carbon footprints.

To work with Parish councils on an environment plan.

To protect and enhance nature in the local area.

To encourage Gedling Borough Council to adopt an effective Climate Action Plan now that they have declared a Climate Emergency.

To respond as a group to national and global threats.                    

4.   In order to achieve its aims the Group may:

a. Raise money

b. Open a bank account

c. Organise or attend events

d. Do media work 

e. Lobby elected representatives

f. Work with other groups and exchange information

g. Do anything that is lawful which will help it to fulfil its aims



5.           Membership of the group is open to any person over the age of 16 supporting the aims of the group. Anyone under the age of 16 wishing to join should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

6.           Membership is open to anyone without regard to gender, race, nationality, disability, sexual preference, religion or belief.  

7.            Every member shall have a chance to share their opinion at meetings and a vote in taking key decisions. 

8.           The group has the right and responsibility to suspend or expel a member who has brought the name of the group into disrepute, acted inappropriately, or been deemed to work against the aims of the group. Such a decision can only be made by quorum decision at a meeting of the group, after at least 14 days notice has been given to all members.  



9.           Meetings should be organised regularly, be held in accessible venues and advertised publicly to encourage new members to join. 

10.     The group will manage members’ details in accordance with the latest General Data Protection Regulation. 

11.       The  group will have one main point of contact and one or more group organisers and offer opportunities to all members to take on specific roles. 

12.      The group can open a bank or building society account in the name specified above. It will have two signatories to the account, and at least two signatures shall be required on any transaction made from this account. 

13.     Any money obtained by the group shall be used only for the group.



14.     The group shall be wound up by a vote at a General Meeting called for that purpose. Notice of intention to wind up the group must be sent to all members at least 14 days before any such meeting. At the meeting where it is decided to close the group, a decision shall also be taken as to what shall be done with any remaining funds. 


Our history
It all started when Phil put up a poster on a notice board outside the Community Church in November 2019 which said:
This church has declared a CLIMATE EMERGENCY 
It was a response to the action taken by Extinction Rebellion in London that October. 

Julia saw the poster and got in touch with Phil through the church website. She asked if a meeting could be organised and she arranged for Simon to come and speak about the aims and motivations for Extinction Rebellion (XR). 

The meeting was advertised round the village and Simon came and spoke to a group of over thirty people in the Community Church hall that Friday evening January 17th 2020. 

(There are several videos of a similar talks available on YouTube. Here is one given at University College London in July 2019 : Heading for Extinction talk, YouTube )

People were invited to leave their email contact details and a followup meeting took place at The Wheatsheaf one evening at the end of February. There was a good buzz and plans were made for future events. We were invited to have a stall at next the village market and Paul set about organising an Earth Hour event to be held at St Helen's church.

Then the Coronavirus pandemic struck and the March village market cancelled. The Earth Hour event went too and, now, in July 2020, we need to regroup to begin all over again. 
As a start, Bobbie has kindly agreed to join our local ad hoc steering group. 

At present (October 2021) we are meeting monthly via Zoom.

Founder members
Julia Devonport
Phil Colbourn
Paul Smith
Bobbie Prime

See articles in the Village Magazine for more information

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